“I am not a plastic bag” - CESL Asia encourages environmental conservation

Macau, 6 September 2013 – Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, CESL Asia Group and its employees have been working in partnership with other leading companies in the local business community to grow a better and greener society, supporting and holding initiatives related to environmental conservation. Aiming to bring together the company and the community in natural investment issues like environmental conservation, CESL Asia was at the AIA Tower in Macau to share its concerns for sustainability and to support Caritas Macau.

On September 6, CESL Asia held its Charity Sales 2013 event in AIA Tower, which provided the venue, and took the opportunity to promote joint investments as well as social development by presenting its own environmentally friendly bags, encouraging the community to curb the use of plastic bags. A percentage of the income derived from the sale of the eco-bags was donated by CESL Asia to Caritas Macau, a charity organization that works not only to reduce poverty and promote social justice, but also to provide necessary help for those suffering from natural disasters.

CESL Asia’s chairman, Mr. Antonio Trindade said that, “We wanted to reaffirm our goal of protecting the environment, and through these initiatives we hope to encourage our staff, their families, our partners and the general public to help preserve our natural resources and thus help our next generation. We will actively continue working in partnership with the local businesses in the development of activities that aim environmental conservation, both in Macau and surrounding regions. It is our goal to take an active role in educating today’s youth on the importance of the 3 R’s. Reinforcing this “green” message today, we believe that we can make a big difference in growing a better and sustainable future for our kids”.

In 2000 the company established the “CESL Asia Social Investment” fund, a non-profit fund with the mission of enhancing the intellectual, social, cultural and physical well-being of the communities and staff members. To fund these activities, each year the company grants a portion of its revenue and, with additional contributions from its team members and other likeminded organizations, provides valuable resources in support of the objectives as established in the Social Investment Program.