News Clipping

Mais Investimento Contra a Falta de Recursos, in Tribuna de Macau, 31 March 2014 Download →
"Macau could be a pioneer on reusable water projects", in Macau Daily Times, 27 March 2014 Download →
"盛世環保技術回饋社會",in Macau Daily News, 28 March 2014 Download →
"Past, present, futurist. António Trindade considers leapfrog solutions", in macauinc, 1 January 2014 Download →
"CESL Asia meets the greener side of Macau at TrailHiker", in Macau Daily Times, 6 November 2013 Download →
"盛世集團週三銀禧酒會", in Macau Daily News, 21 October 2013 Download →
"CESL Asia to focus on water recycling business", in Macau Post Daily, 24 October 2013 Download →
"Further resources needed to develop water-recycling projects", in Macau Daily Times, 24 October 2013 Download →
"CESL Ásia propõe-se a reciclar água em 2016", in Hoje Macau, 24 October 2013 Download →