News Clipping

"CESL Asia acquires Monte do Pasto in 37.5m euro deal" in Macau Daily Times, 04 October 2019 Download →
"Chinese buy Portugal’s largest cattle breeding business for 37.7 million euros" in Portugal Resident, 03 October 2019 Download →
"CESL Asia Group acquires the New Portuguese Cattle Breeder from Alentejo" in O Digital, 03 October 2019 Download →
"CESL Asia completes Monte do Pasto purchase in deal valued at MOP331.9 mln" in Macau Business, 03 October 2019 Download →
"Novo Banco vende Monte do Pasto à CESL Ásia" in O Jornal Económico, 2 October 2019 Download →
"Voluntárias de Macau levam roupa e material escolar a quase 400 crianças nas Filipinas" in Ponto Final Macau, 27 September 2019 Download →
"CESL Asia Leads Educational Visit to Science Center" in Macau Daily Times, 30 August 2019 Download →
"盛世兒童電影日 攜手建共融社會" in Jornal San Wa Ou, 29 August 2019 Download →
"盛世兒童電影日倡建共融社會" in Jornal Cheng Pou, 29 August 2019 Download →